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Confidential & Secure Idea Aggregation

Through our proprietary Idea Submission Portal, individual inventors from around the world as well as constituents of our Innovation Partners can securely and confidentially submit healthcare innovations for full evaluation and potential commercialization. We respect and protect each inventors’ Intellectual Property by keeping each idea completely confidential.

Proprietary Idea Evaluation

Our proprietary Evaluation Process ensures that every invention submitted to us receives careful and thorough consideration, This could include extensive intellectual property examination, efficacy review by 300+ medical and technical design experts, and full market commercialization assessment. No other company can match our expertise in evaluating the full commercial potential of healthcare innovations.

Track Record of Value Creation

For almost 10 years, our company has been successfully monetizing the intellectual property of inventors by licensing or selling the IP to leading manufacturers on behalf of the Inventor or by creating new operating companies to further develop and refine the idea. In the end, we share all revenues with the Inventor and celebrate together.

Innovation Partners

We work with industry leaders that support healthcare innovation,

and provide varied perspectives and resources necessary to accelerate our inventors’ ideas to market

Manufacturers / Retailers

Healthcare Commercialization Partners

Medical manufacturers who have retained Edison Nation Medical in the past to uncover and validate novel healthcare innovations.


Healthcare Innovation Champions


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Healthcare Advocates

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Infection Control Innovation Search

Submit your idea for preventing the spread of infectious disease
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Accidental Medication Overdose Among Children

Calling for innovative ideas in packaging, dosing & child-resistent systems
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