Who We Are

Edison Nation Medical is a healthcare incubator and an online community that cares passionately about creating more effective, more efficient and safer healthcare through innovation and we make this a reality by providing a clear and easy pathway for anyone — physicians, nurses, healthcare clinicians, entrepreneurs, even patients and caregivers — to submit a medical invention idea for potential commercialization.

Membership to Edison Nation Medical is free and ideas submitted to our confidential and secure online portal are vetted through an in-depth multi-step review process led by our highly skilled medical, product development and legal experts. The end goal is to license each qualified product idea that is submitted to a medical manufacturer. When we are successful, we split licensing royalties 50/50 with each respective inventor.

Our Beginnings

In July 2012, Carolinas HealthCare System, one of the nation’s leading and most innovative healthcare organizations, and Edison Nation, a product developer and online social community for inventors, formed Edison Nation Medical, LLC as a joint venture to stimulate innovations in healthcare delivery and improvements in patient care.

"The collaborative relationship between Carolinas HealthCare System and Edison Nation was fundamentally built on a shared vision that, working together, these two organizations can have a lasting impact on the future of healthcare. By encouraging those who personally deliver care to patients — and even patients themselves — to become innovators in improving both the care and the patient experience, we believe we can stimulate more meaningful ideas that truly result in real, tangible innovation. CHS believes that by blending our comprehensive clinical expertise and our core strengths in innovative thought with Edison Nation’s creative execution abilities, together we can transform healthcare."

Michael C. Tarwater, CEO, Carolinas HealthCare System


Edison Nation is a product design and development group with a long history of expertise in the consumer, industrial and medical space. Edison Nation operates edisonnation.com an online community for innovators; Everyday Edisons, an Emmy® Award-winning series on public television; and Inventors Digest, a top trade publication dedicated

to the study of business and innovation. Edison Nation utilizes corporate relationships with the country’s top retailers, manufacturers and ASOTV companies — such as Clorox, Fisher-Price, Colgate, and Bed Bath & Beyond — to bring independent inventor-driven ideas to market. Products can be found in all major retailers across the country.


Carolinas HealthCare System provides a full spectrum of healthcare and wellness programs throughout the Southeastern United States. Its diverse network of more than 650 care locations, which employ over 60,000 people, includes academic medical centers, hospitals, healthcare pavilions, physician practices, destination centers, surgical and rehabilitation centers,

home health agencies, nursing homes and hospice and palliative care. Carolinas HealthCare System works to improve and enhance the overall health and wellbeing of its communities through high quality patient care, education and research programs, and numerous collaborative partnerships and initiatives.

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Our stellar team, our Board, and our friends and family — who provide equal parts tough love, encouragement, and great wisdom.

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who share our passion and vision for changing healthcare, one great invention at a time.

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who inspire us daily with the breadth and depth of their creativity and give us so many reasons to be reminded of the power of open innovation.

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