Our Evaluation Team

The Edison Nation Medical evaluation team is responsible for assessing every product idea submitted to us. Our team collaborates daily with our partners at Carolinas HealthCare System, tapping into their 100+ clinical review experts, 30+ medical speciality panels and over 60,000 employees and medical specialists for input. Group decision-making is critical, as it provides vital expertise beyond the range of a single individual.

World-Class Expertise

One of the key advantages of working with Edison Nation Medical to commercialize your healthcare invention is our world-class expertise in assessing intellectual property, medical efficacy, technical feasibility, and commercialization potential — all of which are critical for effectively validating a medical invention.

Our 8-Stage Review Process

Given the high degree of complexity involved in evaluating and commercializing acute care, durable medical and/or home care, and retail consumer healthcare innovations, we have developed an 8-stage process for handling each idea. Read more about our process here.


Who actually evaluates each idea submitted to Edison Nation Medical?

How does the Edison Nation Medical evaluation and commercialization process work?

What criteria are used to determine whether an idea is good or not?

What makes Edison Nation Medical a “world-class expert” in evaluating and commercializing healthcare innovation ideas?

How are small businesses evaluated?

How are inventions from technology transfer offices evaluated?