Edison Nation Medical is part of a family of companies that have supported the commercialization of ideas within consumer, retail, military, industrial, and healthcare markets for more than a decade. We are innovation experts, having evaluated tens of thousands of invention ideas and secured 700+ patents and trademarks in 13 years.

Edison Nation Medical’s unique combination of capabilities and experience helps move innovations forward in the complex healthcare environment.

Our Core Capabilities:

Sourcing Inventions
The Edison Nation Medical team has a unique combination of global marketing, technology transfer, intellectual property, venture capital, and private equity expertise that we deploy to uncover novel healthcare innovations.

Invention Evaluation & Validation
Edison Nation Medical has considerable experience in evaluating innovations across the entire spectrum of healthcare from acute care to home care to retail products. We have assembled a team, both in-house and through our strategic partnership with Carolinas HealthCare System, that provides world-class knowledge in intellectual property, medical efficacy, technical feasibility and commercialization assessment — all of which are critical components to consider when determining the value of an invention idea.

Access to Health Systems & Medical Experts
Through our strategic partnership with Carolinas HealthCare System, we have access to medical specialists who are able to provide medical efficacy review and feedback along with key decision-makers within the purchasing department who provide us with purchase data and voice of the customer feedback.

Product Development & Prototyping
Edison Nation Medical has in-house expertise in intellectual property, industrial design, product engineering and prototyping, and 3D printing. If necessary and when appropriate, we are also able to conduct clinical trials within Carolinas HealthCare System to gain true clinical data on an invention idea.

For products that successfully pass through our review process and warrant this additional development and investment, this work is done at Edison Nation Medical’s expense – the inventor pays nothing.