Helping Patent Attorneys Better Serve their Inventor Clients

Provide your clients with access to critical resources for bringing their healthcare idea to life by combining your legal expertise with Edison Nation Medical’s product development and healthcare experience.

Patent Attorney Referral Program

  1. Receive Your Unique Code. Register online [here]. Provide your inventor client with your code to use when submitting their invention.
  2. Your Client Submits their Invention through our confidential and secure online portal to be evaluated by our expert team.

Safe, Secure, Simple. Our online submission process is secure and easy to use. Submitting an idea gives your client’s idea access to countless product development, healthcare, and medical device experts. We accept ideas at any stage of development, from sketched concepts to fully prototyped and patented inventions.

Low-Risk. If your client’s idea is selected for commercialization, ENM will design and prototype the idea. We then partner with you to secure all IP and deploy our licensing experts to negotiate the licensing contract with a manufacturing partner. All royalty profits from successfully commercialized products are split 50/50 with the inventor.

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