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SEARCH TOPIC: Mechanical Ventilation Innovation Challenge


AARC and Edison Nation Medical have partnered
to bring your Airway Clearance invention ideas to life!

Edison Nation Medical and the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC)
are searching for innovations in Airway Clearance products that offer a less invasive solution, greater patient comfort and are smaller and lighter for greater portability.  

Through Edison Nation Medical’s confidential and secure online platform, Respiratory Care Therapists can submit  product invention ideas to be evaluated for safety & efficacy, intellectual property (i.e., existing patents or trademarks), and market potential.  The goal is to commercialize every great invention!

In the end, patients win by having innovative respiratory care products that improve their lives, but equally importantly, YOU also win, since every successful inventor receives an advance of $2500 and 50% of licensing royalties or revenues.

It’s simple to get started:

  1. Click the “Submit An Invention” button to share your idea
  2. Watch your invention make its way through Edison Nation Medical’s 8-stage evaluation process
  3. If your invention is selected for commercialization, you’ll share in the financial rewards
  4. No idea yet? Simply sign up to the right and you’ll be ready the moment inspiration strikes

Edison Nation Medical is for anyone who has a product idea or invention that can improve healthcare — big or small. Your idea can be a “back-of-the-envelope sketch” all the way to a fully developed and prototyped invention looking to scale. We want to hear your idea!

Improving lives, one invention at a time

Innovation ideas may include, but not limited to: new devices, equipment, products, technologies or apps. The Airway Clearance Innovation Search is open now through January 4, 2016. Edison Nation Medical will review each submission through an in-depth review process led by our team of medical, product development and legal experts. Promising ideas submitted throughout the search will be presented to leading medical device companies and healthcare retailers with whom Edison Nation Medical has partnered. Submissions will be evaluated based on efficacy, the strength of any potential intellectual property, and an overall market needs and business assessment. The end goal is to commercialize each qualified product idea and when successful, licensing royalties are shared with the inventor.

For additional information or to join AARC, visit the AARC site.

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Submit an Invention
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