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First-generation wearables started off health & wellness self-monitoring with step counters and heart rate monitors.  The next wave of innovation will be to capture meaningful consumer-generated health data and integrate that data into the clinical care system.


Historically, there has been little connection between health data collected by consumer wearables and the data needed and easily assimilated by clinicians. The number of wearable devices used for capturing consumer-generated health data, will rise from 15 million shipped in 2014 to 70 million in 2017, and the size of the market will jump from $1.4 billion to $19 billion.

BEYOND COUNTING STEPS is an open innovation search designed to uncover and commercialize:

  1. Innovations that capture meaningful consumer-generated health data: Examples: key health metrics and conditions such as (but not limited to) blood pressure, blood sugar, epilepsy seizures, etc.
  2. Inventions that enable this data to be seamlessly integrated into the clinical care setting
  3. Inventions that enable clinicians to “leapfrog” existing technologies for remote patient interaction and monitoring (such as email or fax)

Current obstacles to connecting consumer data to healthcare clinicians include:

  • Data integration
  • Clinical relevance
  • Information overload for clinicians
  • Data quality concerns
  • Security and patient privacy concerns


VentureBeat and Edison Nation Medical encourage the submission of inventions involving devices, technologies or apps that can be utilized by any party within the healthcare continuum, including patients, clinicians, technicians, hospitals, caregivers and others.

Inventions that demonstrate proficient integration into Apple HealthKit, Google, Samsung S Health, Epic, athenahealth, PracticeFusion and PatientFusion, CareCloud or other leading health system technologies are of particular interest.

Edison Nation Medical carefully reviews all ideas through an eight-stage evaluation process and Mark Sullivan and Robin Strongin, both leading experts from the health division of VentureBeat, will join the evaluation team to provide specific expertise on the dynamic quantified-self movement. The end goal of Beyond Counting Steps is for the successful commercialization of each qualified invention on behalf of the inventor via licensing or company incubation. When successful, Edison Nation Medical shares licensing royalties and revenues with the inventor.

This search is open to the public through May 31, 2015.  For more information about the VentureBeat and Edison Nation Medical partnership and innovation search, click here:…

*NOTE: Small businesses and Technology Transfer offices interested in submitting Qualified Self innovations should contact us directly at

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