EZ-Pop Pill Container: Available for Licensing

Amazon Inventions Tour Recap

Highlights from the Amazon Inventions Tour
in Atlanta, hosted by Edison Nation

Healthcare Innovation Search: Expand your product portfolio

Information for manufacturers and distributors on
hosting a Healthcare Innovation Search

Edison Nation Medical: Our Business Model

How Edison Nation Medical's brings
healthcare innovation to life

How to Get Your Idea to Market Fast

Getting an idea to market as quickly as possible
is key... and also challenging in healthcare

How to Make Money From Your Invention

Inventors have options on how they can profit
from their healthcare ideas

Should I Build a Business Around My Idea?

Building a company around an idea in healthcare
is especially challenging

Analyzing Your Idea’s ROI

How do you know if your idea is worth investing in?
If it is worthy of investment, how much? Learn More

Protecting Your Idea: Patent Types & Terms

Many have heard the quote “Everything that can be invented has been invented,” which is largely (and likely, wrongly) attributed to Charles H. Duell, the Commissioner of the US patent office in 1899.  Working in the patent office, Duell would have been quite aware that patent applications increase every year — with only a few […]

Funding the Medtech Pipeline

Recent reports offer scant hope of improved funding support
for medtech entrepreneurs

Among medical device and diagnostics companies, deals and dollars are rarely so plentiful that they can support more than a single strong market trend. As a result, investment flows in one area have a tendency to overpower alternatives, making it hard for investors to learn […]