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Memory Loss Assistive Devices

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4 Tips For a Successful Idea Submission

Advice from ENM's Head of Evaluation
on keys to a successful invention idea submission

Edison Nation Medical Keynotes Silicon Valley Health 2.0

Louis Foreman, Keynote Speaker

Edison Nation Medical co-founder and CEO, Louis Foreman, had the opportunity to present to an audience of more than 250 entrepreneurs, inventors and investors at the Silicon Valley Health 2.0 meet-up on Tuesday, 1/20.  SVHealth Meetup is a hub for enterprises, organizations and investors to present opportunities, provide mentorship and engage in conversation with […]

News from HealthBeat: 10 Startups show off their tech

To read the full article by Mark Sullivan and Kia Kokalitcheva, 10 Startups show off their tech at HealthBeat’s Innovations Showcase, click here.

At VentureBeat‘s HealthBeat 2014, the focus was on “How new ways of tracking our personal data can improve our health and healthcare system.”  The conference welcomed the best and most forward-thinking pros, scientists and technologists to discuss the new […]

Using Open Innovation to Deliver High-End Healthcare Disruption

The lifeblood of any successful company stems from a sustained stream of commercially viable innovations, both incremental and breakthrough. As any seasoned executive will tell you, maintaining that steady stream is one of the most difficult management challenges he or she faces. Successful new products quickly attract competitors; star employees get wooed away or burn […]

How Employee Resilience Can Drive Innovation

Julie Wheelan, Edison Nation Medical’s vice president of marketing, wrote the following article on employee resiliency and innovation that appeared in Corp! magazine on January 24, 2014. 

After increasing for a many years, the annual cost growth for providing health coverage to employees is finally expected to slow in 2014. There are many reasons for this tempered growth, […]

Patient-Centric Care: A Patient’s View

“Patient-centric care” is a prolific term in healthcare, but what does it really mean? I conducted a survey recently within a variety of healthcare groups in LinkedIn asking, “How do you define patient-centric care?” My question resulted in nearly 250 responses and I believe the sheer volume reflects the ambiguity of the term (“patient-centric care” has been so […]

What Healthcare Can Learn from Harley-Davidson

On Saturday, Sept 6, our Vice President of Marketing & Strategy, Julie Wheelan, presented at Stanford’s MedicineX conference. The topic? What healthcare can learn from Harley-Davidson.
Having worked at Harley-Davidson for a number of years early in her career, Julie shared her insights and observations about how brands, such as Harley, create intense emotional connections with their customers that […]