Inventor Resources

Amazon Inventions Tour Recap

Highlights from the Amazon Inventions Tour
in Atlanta, hosted by Edison Nation

Championing Patient-Centric Innovation

ENM VP, Julie Wheelan's presentation at
Stanford's MedicineX 2015 conference

Calling All Inventors & Startups!

Where Innovative Ideas Come From

Set the stage for future inventions by
getting your brain wired for innovation

Quick Guide to Medical Inventing Terminology

An A-to-Z Glossary of the Most Common
Medical Inventing Terms

How to Get Your Idea to Market Fast

Getting an idea to market as quickly as possible
is key... and also challenging in healthcare

How to Make Money From Your Invention

Inventors have options on how they can profit
from their healthcare ideas

Should I Build a Business Around My Idea?

Building a company around an idea in healthcare
is especially challenging

How Breaking the ‘Rules’ Spurs Creativity

Looking at a problem from a different angle
can inspire innovation

Patents 101: The Basics of Priority Claims

Priority claims are very important, but often misunderstood
aspect of US patent law.