Inventor Tips & Inspiration

Is Your Idea Patentable?

Guidelines on determining if your idea is patentable

Championing Patient-Centric Innovation

ENM VP, Julie Wheelan's presentation at
Stanford's MedicineX 2015 conference

Where Innovative Ideas Come From

Set the stage for future inventions by
getting your brain wired for innovation

How to Get Your Idea to Market Fast

Getting an idea to market as quickly as possible
is key... and also challenging in healthcare

How to Make Money From Your Invention

Inventors have options on how they can profit
from their healthcare ideas

Should I Build a Business Around My Idea?

Building a company around an idea in healthcare
is especially challenging

How Breaking the ‘Rules’ Spurs Creativity

Looking at a problem from a different angle
can inspire innovation

Who Owns My Product Idea?

If you are a university student or working in healthcare field
who owns your invention idea may surprise you.

3 Tips for Pitching and Selling Your Invention

Improve your chances of pitching your ideas
with these tips

Why Startups Fail

Nine out of ten startups fail within 20 months
Understanding market potential is key to success