Memory Loss Assistive Devices

Search for innovative assistive devices that help those suffering from memory loss
Now through February 1, 2016

Championing Patient-Centric Innovation

ENM VP, Julie Wheelan's presentation at
Stanford's MedicineX 2015 conference

How to Get Your Idea to Market Fast

Getting an idea to market as quickly as possible
is key... and also challenging in healthcare

Why Startups Fail

Nine out of ten startups fail within 20 months
Understanding market potential is key to success

What is an Invention?

What constitutes an invention?
Read more about the factors required to patent an idea

Are Inventors Born or Made?

We know inventors are special, but are they born or made?
We want to hear what you think!

3 Ways Florence Nightingale Brought Innovation to Nursing

Happy International Nurses Day!
Celebrating all Nurses & Nurse Innovators!

A Beginners Guide to Intellectual Property

The Basics on Protecting your Idea
and Understanding the Importance of IP

Why You Should Become a Healthcare Innovator

Opportunities for medical device innovations
for Seniors abound - submit today!

The Innovation Act: What Inventors Should Know

Important legislation is being considered by Congress
that impacts individual inventors - learn more