Patent & Intellectual Property News

Is Your Idea Patentable?

Guidelines on determining if your idea is patentable

Patents 101: When to File for Foreign Patent Protection

There are many considerations to keep in mind
when filing for foreign patent protection

Patents 101: The Basics of Priority Claims

Priority claims are very important, but often misunderstood
aspect of US patent law.

Who Owns My Product Idea?

If you are a university student or working in healthcare field
who owns your invention idea may surprise you.

How to Perform a Basic Patent Search

"How to Help" for Inventors
How to find out if your invention idea already exists.

What is an Invention?

What constitutes an invention?
Read more about the factors required to patent an idea

Inventing 101: Types of Patents

One in a series of blogs on Intellectual Property
Learn More about Patents

USPTO Assistance for Independent Inventors

Support for Independent Inventors at the USPTO
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Inventing 101: A Lesson in Public Disclosure

Unintentional public disclosure is one of greatest threats to Inventors

A Beginners Guide to Intellectual Property

The Basics on Protecting your Idea
and Understanding the Importance of IP