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Edison Nation Medical accepts invention idea submissions at every stage of development, from “napkin sketch” to fully patented and prototyped inventions. Our team of intellectual property, medical, technical and business development experts carefully and confidentially evaluate every idea submitted to us and, if your idea warrants further development, we have the in-house capabilities to provide industrial design, engineering, prototyping, and even clinical trials through our strategic partner, Carolinas HealthCare System (all at no cost to you as the inventor!). Our end goal is to commercialize every qualified product invention submitted to us and when we are successful, we share licensing royalties and revenues 50/50 with the inventor.

There are several factors that are unique to the Edison Nation Medical Model:

  1. Intellectual Property (IP) Expertise
    Our business model is grounded in licensing or selling inventions — not in manufacturing products ourselves. We know from our 14+ years of experience working with leading manufacturers that only products with strong intellectual property (IP) are of interest to them, as this provides an important means by which they can protect their own investment of time and money. Therefore, a large portion of our evaluation process is spent assessing the strength of the invention’s IP.  Furthermore, protecting the confidentiality of each invention is critical and, for this reason, our idea submission platform is 100% secure and only our trusted IP, medical, and commercialization experts are permitted access to see and evaluate each idea.
  2. Share of Royalties
    Because we do not share our inventors’ ideas with anyone who has not signed a confidentiality agreement, when we are successful in commercializing an idea, licensing royalties and revenues only need to be shared between the inventor and ENM. This results in a payout to the inventor of 50% of the licensing royalties or revenues. With crowdsourcing models, each additional person who contributes to the idea is entitled to receive compensation and be listed as an inventor on the patent application, which obviously dilutes what the original inventor receives.
  3. Ownership of IP
    Inventors retain full ownership of their IP and are able to pursue other avenues of commercialization up until Stage 7 of our evaluation process. Assignment of the IP becomes necessary at that stage so that we can fully represent your invention in negotiations with manufacturers, but you will always be listed as the inventor on any patents.
  4. Partnerships within Healthcare
    Edison Nation Medical has built strong strategic relationships with healthcare institutions for expertise in evaluating the safety, medical efficacy and improving the standard of care.  Additionally, access to purchasing departments adds valuable assessment on the market potential and likely adoption of a new product.  Edison Nation Medical also has strong relationships with retailers, manufacturers and brands who are interested in developing new innovative products or product lines.

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