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We are Searching for Hearing Loss Innovations & Ideas!

We want to hear yours!

Edison Nation Medical works to bring your best hearing loss invention ideas to life!

Through Edison Nation Medical’s confidential and secure online platform, you can submit your product invention idea for evaluation of medical efficacy, intellectual property, and sales potential.  Our end goal is to commercialize every great invention.In the end, patients will win by having new innovative products that improve their lives, but equally importantly, YOU also win, since every successful inventor receives an advance of $2500 and 50% of licensing royalties.

It’s simple to get started:

  1. Submit your invention idea below
  2. Watch your invention make its way through the 8-stage evaluation process
  3. If your invention is selected for commercializing, you’ll share in the reward
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Edison Nation Medical is for anyone who has a product idea or invention — big or small — that can improve healthcare. Your idea can be a “back-of-the-envelope sketch” all the way to a fully developed and prototyped invention.

Improving lives, one invention at a time

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTSInnovation ideas may include, but not limited to: new devices, equipment, products, technologies or apps. Edison Nation Medical’s search is open to the public and nurse innovators as well as small businesses from around the world are encouraged to submit ideas through our confidential secure portal at www.edisonnationmedical.com/hearingloss now through February 1, 2016.

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