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Founded in 1851, the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) is the nation’s leading orthopedic hospital. Ranked by US News & World Report as the nation’s #1 orthopedic hospital, more than 25,000 procedures are done there annually. More knee and hip surgeries are performed there than in any other hospital in the country. HSS focuses its research and innovation in orthopedics and rheumatology, with a particular emphasis on soft tissue imaging, reducing post-surgical infection, and reducing the need for general anesthesia by developing better applications of regional anesthesia.

About Our Partnership

Edison Nation Medical has partnered with The Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) to help its employees overcome the traditional barriers associated with turning a healthcare invention into a market-ready solution that improves patient care. The partnership between Edison Nation Medical and HSS seeks to harness the ingenuity of HSS employees and constituents through open innovation and extending the organization’s innovation efforts beyond traditional research. Through this partnership, the HSS community gains access to a dedicated open innovation platform where inventions can be confidentially submitted for full clinical, intellectual property and commercialization evaluation. The objective of both parties is to bring commercially viable and novel products to market that improve the efficiency, efficacy and safety of healthcare.

“Innovation has been key to HSS excellence for more than a century, and we’re excited to further extend the reach and impact of our gifted team through this partnership with Edison Nation Medical,” said Mark Angelo, Vice President of Innovation and Business Development at HSS. “HSS staff who provide direct patient care on a daily basis now have a great opportunity to use their creativity and expertise to improve care options. Their ideas have
the potential to significantly impact patient care well beyond treatment at a single hospital.”

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Hospital & healthcare provider

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