There are a number of ways in which Edison Nation Medical helps individual inventors and small business to bring their medical inventions to life:

Overcome Innovation Barriers. Edison Nation Medical’s expertise in development and commercialization allows your idea to avoid typical issues like funds, time, expertise, and access to the right people and companies to bring your ideas to fruition.

Industry Expertise. Your inventions get in front of the right people for review and potential commercialization. Edison Nation Medical has a strategic partnership with Carolinas HealthCare System, one of the nation’s largest healthcare systems. We also have partnerships with many other healthcare and medical device companies that can help with manufacturing, distribution, and promotion.

Safe and Secure. The online submission process is secure and easy to use. Ideas are accepted at any stage in development from patented & prototyped inventions to sketches.

Low-Cost, Low Risk. When we agree that an idea has strong commercial potential, we’ll invest all necessary resources to increase the likelihood of success. As an inventor, you will never pay more than $25.

What Our Inventors Are Saying