We improve patient care and patient quality of life through the commercialization of novel healthcare innovations.

Edison Nation Medical operates the world’s largest open innovation healthcare marketplace matching medical inventors with manufacturers, retailers and healthcare systems seeking to acquire novel intellectual capital.

For innovations that successfully pass through all stages of our evaluation process, we carefully consider the best avenue for commercialization and then present to the largest healthcare manufacturers, consumer product companies and retailers in the world. Our goal is to monetize every promising innovation and each inventor whose innovation reaches the commercialization stage, the progress and status of their idea.


Edison Nation Medical works with major manufacturers and distributors to negotiate licensing agreements for healthcare innovations ranging from acute care to retail items found in a pharmacy.  Subsequent licensing royalties are shared with successful inventors.


Some innovations are sold outright to interested manufacturers or healthcare systems.  ENM works to negotiate the most fair and lucrative selling price and then shares in all subsequent revenues with the inventor.

For more information, please contact Questions@EdisonNationMedical.com