SEARCH TOPIC: Accidental Medication Overdose Innovation Search


Edison Nation Medical  and the PROTECT Initiative are searching for innovative product ideas to uncover ideas that help prevent accidental medical overdoses in children.  The greater use of over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications by people of all ages has led to an increase in the number of unintentional overdoses and children are especially vulnerable.


  • Over 60,000 emergency department (ED) visits result from unintentional medication overdoses among children under the age of 6.
  • 1 in 67 children will be taken to an ED by age 5 for accessing and ingesting too much medicine on their own or unintentionally being given too much medicine
  • Over 90% of ED visits for unintentional medication overdoses among children under the age of 6 involve children who get into medicine on their own when an adult is not paying attention (unsupervised ingestions)
  • Other ED visits for unintentional overdose among young children are due to medication errors.  A common error is when caregivers measure and administer too much medicine by mistake.

The objective of the search is to uncover innovations that help reduce emergency department visits for unintentional medication overdoses in children. Invention ideas may include:

  • Improvements in medication packaging to reduce harm from unsupervised ingestions
  • Refine dosing measures on medication packaging, including dosing devices
  • Child-resistant medication management systems


Innovation ideas may include, but not limited to: new devices, equipment, products, technologies or apps. Edison Nation Medical’s search is open to the public and innovators as well as small businesses from around the world are encouraged to submit ideas through our confidential secure portal at now through April 30, 2015.

Edison Nation Medical will review each submission through an in-depth review process led by the Edison Nation Medical team of medical, product development and legal experts. Promising ideas submitted throughout the search will be presented to leading medical device companies and healthcare retailers with whom Edison Nation Medical has partnered.

Submissions will be evaluated based on efficacy, the strength of any potential intellectual property, and an overall market needs and business assessment. The end goal is to commercialize each qualified product idea and when successful, licensing royalties are shared with the inventor.

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