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Medical Inventing Checklist
Quick Guide to Medical Inventing Terminology

Generating Ideas
Are Inventors Born or Made
The Art of Developing an Innovative Idea
How Breaking the Rules Spurs Creativity
Study Trends to Guide Your Innovation Efforts
Workarounds and the Everyday Inventor

After the Idea
Eureka! Now Ask These 5 Questions
How 3D Printing is Transforming Medical Device Innovation
5 Steps for Turning Your Invention Ideas into a Product
Innovators, Watch Out for These Invention Killers
The Top 6 Mistakes Inventors Make
You have an Idea for An Invention … Now What?

Unleash your Inner Entrepreneur

Resource Books & Magazines
The Independent Inventors Handbook by Louis J. Foreman
Inventors Digest

A Beginners Guide to Intellectual Property
How to Perform a Basic Patent Search
Is Your Idea Patentable?
Patent Drawings and Invention Illustrations
Protecting Your Idea: Patent Types & Terms
Top 5 Patent Application Tips

Patent Legislation 
Will the patent system continue to fuel the fire of creative genius?

Patent Search Tools
Google Patent Search
USPTO Patent Search
European Patent Office

Helpful Links
USPTO Inventors Resources
The Legal Information Institute

Analyze the ROI of Your Innovation Idea, Step by Step
Do you know how much your idea is really worth? Do this exercise and find out.

ENM Evaluation & Validation
8-Step Evaluation Process


Championing Patient-Centered Innovation
The Innovation Conundrum in Health Care
4 Interesting Tech Trends in Patient Monitoring
Harvard grad’s startup helps fund medical device firms
The ‘Hidden’ Tax on Medical Device Start-Up Funding

Tech Trends Shaping the Future of Medicine
Startups show off tech at HealthBeat’s Innovation Showcase
Top Health Industry Issues of 2016

Medicine X: What healthcare can learn from Harley Davidson

3 Tips for Pitching and Selling Your Invention
How to Commercialize Your Novel Medical or Surgical Device
What’s the Best Way to Tap the Crowd to Commercialize Your Invention?
Why Entrepreneurs Must Research Market Size
12 Business Mistakes You Absolutely Shouldn’t Make
12 Questions to Ask Before You Invest in a Friend’s Startup
What 3-D Printing Means for the Independent Inventor

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