SEARCH TOPIC: Search for Innovative Solutions for Rapid Diagnosis and Treatment of Sepsis


Sepsis Alliance, North America’s largest organization dedicated to the early detection and prevention of sepsis and Edison Nation Medical have partnered in a worldwide innovation search to uncover new clinical inventions related to sepsis.


  • Sepsis is often referred to as “blood poisoning” and is the body’s toxic response to infection.
  • Sepsis can be caused by bacteria, fungi or virus, although bacterial is the most common source.
  • The symptoms of sepsis – fever, chills, rapid breathing and heart rate, rash, confusion and disorientation are similar to other conditions such as influenza, pulmonary embolism or side effects from certain drugs, making diagnosis difficult in its early stages.
  • In the U.S. alone, sepsis annually claims 258,000 lives and costs more than $20 billion in healthcare costs.

Treatment of sepsis is a race against time.  Patients with severe sepsis must be diagnosed as quickly as possible and treated within minutes to optimize outcomes, including survival and length of stay. Earlier diagnosis and treatment could have a profound effect on survival rates, so finding ways to recognize the onset of sepsis more quickly is critical.


Sepsis Alliance and Edison Nation Medical’s encourage the submission of inventions and ideas for improving the treatment of sepsis.  Innovation ideas may include, but not limited to: new devices, equipment, products, technologies or apps. This search is open to the public and innovators as well as small businesses from around the world are encouraged to submit ideas through our confidential secure portal  now through November 1, 2016.

Edison Nation Medical will review each submission through an in-depth review process led by the Edison Nation Medical team of medical, product development and legal experts, in consultation with Sepsis Alliance. Promising ideas submitted throughout the search will be presented to leading medical device companies and healthcare retailers with whom Edison Nation Medical has partnered.

Submissions will be evaluated based on efficacy, the strength of any potential intellectual property, and an overall market needs and business assessment. The end goal is to commercialize each qualified product idea and when successful, licensing royalties are shared with the inventor.

*NOTE: Small businesses and Technology Transfer offices interested in submitting innovations for improving the diagnoses and treatment Sepsis should contact us directly at

Submit an Invention
Submit an Invention
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