Innovation is the key to delivering increasingly better patient care and is the lifeblood of every medical manufacturer and healthcare system around the world.

Thousands of inventors every year submit innovation ideas to Edison Nation Medical and our expert team of evaluators careful review and surface the most promising ones for commercialization.

Below is a sampling of a few of these innovations. To learn more about these and other novel inventions ready for commercialization, contact us today.

Antimicrobial Solution

An antimicrobial solution that can be used everyday in thousands of applications to clean and sanitize a variety of surfaces. Surfaces remain resistant to bacteria for up to 20 days.

Biopsy Needle

Biopsy Needle

Innovative single use bone biopsy system that improves core sampling.

Stand Up Walker

Ergonomically designed patient assistive device that serves as both a walker and supports a patient to stand from a seated position.



Revolutionary designed cane designed by a physical therapist providing dynamic stability and greater comfort.

Learn more about these and  other novel inventions  ready for commercialization.

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