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Historically, there has been little connection between the health data collected by consumer wearables and the data needed and easily assimilated by clinicians,” said Matt Marshall, Founder and CEO of VentureBeat. “The goal of partnering with Edison Nation Medical is to uncover game-changing inventions that will bridge this gap and catapult wearables from being used by a relatively small number of motivated individuals to instead being a critical component of every person’s daily care and equally embraced by patients and clinicians alike.

Edison Nation Medical and VentureBeat have joined forces to uncover and commercialize disruptive inventions that capture meaningful consumer-generated health data, also known as quantified-self data, including inventions that better integrate that data into the clinical care system. Together we are co-sponsoring an innovation search, entitled Beyond Counting Stepsfocused on identifying innovations from individual inventors and small businesses that enable the capture of meaningful consumer-generated health data to monitor key health metrics and conditions — such as blood pressure, blood sugar, pollution levels, epilepsy seizures, sudden infant death syndrome. Inventions that enable that data to be fully embraced and integrated into the clinical care setting, overcoming obstacles such as data security, clinical relevance, information overload for clinicians, and data quality concerns are also welcome. Also within the scope of this search are inventions that allow clinicians to leapfrog current technologies for remote patient interaction and monitoring, such as email or fax; thus, increasing efficiency and effectiveness of patient care.

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